Written by Jackie Appel

On June 30, 2023

This Month our Top Recruiter is MFFT

Thank you to Myanmar Food for Thought for supporting SISU and offering our graduates jobs.

SISU and Pun Hlaing Hospitals unite to Empower Vulnerable Youths

SISU is very happy to announce its partnership with Pun Hlaing Hospitals (PHH), aimed at providing a transformative 12-month Health Care Aide training program for vulnerable youths from Hlaing Thar Yar.

The program begins with four months of comprehensive training at SISU’s Vocational Training Academy, combining theory and hands-on practice in simulated classrooms. Following this, trainees will start an eight-month internship at PHH, receiving additional guidance and support from medical specialists.

SISU Founder expressed her excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Pun Hlaing Hospitals in creating this unique opportunity for vulnerable youths.”

This collaboration signifies a powerful step forward in providing sustainable vocational training and education to empower these individuals in the healthcare industry. Stay tuned for updates on this life-changing partnership between SISU and Pun Hlaing Hospitals as we work towards creating a brighter and healthier future for all

Class of 2023

This month we spent some time visiting our graduates to see how they are getting on in their new jobs.

SISU began recruiting 20 new trainees to join a new program sponsored by BESTSELLER.

English Language

The role of English in education and training is vital for Myanmar youths looking to forge a better future.

SISU aim to tackle this challenge in two ways:

1) In-class English Language lessons
Whether they are completing on the job training or training in the simulated Call Centre, all of the trainees attend weekly in-class English Language lessons as part of our core program. Trainees are also encouraged to practise using online apps.

2) Incepting the SISU Foundation program
Access to Higher Education remains severely restricted especially for the poor and disadvantaged. With support from the AYALA group, SISU is developing a program to bridge the gap between matriculation and Higher Education entrance. Key to this program’s success is providing first class English language learning to the trainees.


Using the skills and experience gained by completing SISU’s Hospitality Training program, Zwe Khant Aung is branching out to open his own Coffee shop.

My name is Zwe Khant Aung. I stopped schooling at Grade 9, I had no goal or hope for my future.

I heard about SISU through our head monk of the village monastery because I wanted to change myself for my future. I joined SISU Hospitality program in 2022. We learned many skills in Hospitality class and Barista training became my favorite one. SISU has trained me to become not only a Barista but also an entrepreneur.

I was well trained how to manage a coffee shop, customer service, stock check and financing for café shop. After graduating from SISU, I worked as an intern at SISU for one year. I helped train SISU trainees for Barista training.

I am very happy to open my own coffee shop soon with the money that I have been saving from my salary, SISU provides us lunch so I can save my intern salary. I thank SISU for all supports regarding the life skills, hope and career pathway to the young people like me who has lost hopes in these years.


We would like to raise a glass to celebrate our Hospitality trainers passing their refresher Bartender and Cocktail making course.

Humanitarian Relief

We made it! 10,200 hot meals delivered to the PiTi dump site as the rains start.
Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to deliver relief to these children throughout the rainy season. Click the button below to make a donation today.

About Us

Established in 2016, Step-in Step-up (SISU) is a not-for-profit company based in Myanmar. We deliver tailored livelihood training courses (3-12 months) to local youths.

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