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Diversity and Inclusion
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Alternative Livelihood Options for Women (ALOW)

SISU implemented Alternative Livelihood Options for Women (ALOW) with a specific focus on enabling women to enter male-dominated roles. 60 trainees have been through this program.
Construction, Forklift Operator and Drivers, aim to start in the future

People with Disabilities

At SISU, we champion inclusivity and diversity, firmly believing everybody deserves a chance. To this end, we are dedicated to including People with Disabilities in our courses, ensuring that our educational environment is accessible, supportive, and tailored to meet a range of needs. Our commitment extends beyond just access; we strive to provide an enriching learning experience that recognizes and values the unique perspectives and abilities of each individual. By fostering an inclusive community, we prepare all our trainees, regardless of ability, for successful futures.

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